Tex, by S.E. Hinton

Study Questions


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Chapter 1

1.  What is the name of Tex’s horse?

2.  What do you think Johnny means when he calls himself a throwback?

3.  Who is Johnny Collins?

4.  How do the Collins’ kids address their parents?

5.  How old is Tex?

6.  How old is Mason?

7.  What’s the most important thing to Mason?

8.  What appears to be the most important thing to Tex in this chapter?

9.  How does the financial situation of Tex and Mason compare to the Collins family?

10.  What are your impressions of Jamie Collins at the end of this chapter?


Chapter 2

1.  What did Tex’s mother die from?

2.  What does Tex usually hunt?

3.  What grade is Jamie in? Tex?

4.  Why do you think Tex “wouldn’t feel right letting [Jamie] pay for anything?

5.  Do you think the fortune teller is fake or real?  Explain.

6.  What occupation did Tex’s grandfather have?

7.  What kind of “condition” are people in on page 38?

8.  What nightmare does Tex keep having?

9.  What is the one thing Tex is afraid of?


Chapter 3

1.  Who shows up at Tex’s house early in the morning?

2.  What do you think is the answer to Tex’s question about drinking on page 47?

3.  What new word is Tex adding to his vocabulary?

4.  Who is Lem Peters and what news does he have?

5.  When Tex wakes Jamie up, what does she do to him?

6.  What is your opinion of Lem’s philosophy on women (page 57)?

7.  What does Lem have instead of cigars?

8.  How does Mason really feel about Lem’s situation?


Chapter 4

1.  Describe Tex’s art project.

2.  Who is Mrs. Johnson?

3.  Why does Tex like Mrs. Johnson?

4.  What embarrassing question does Miss Carlson ask Tex (page 64)?

5.  Why is Coach McCollough hard on Tex?

6.  Do you agree with Tex’s statement about people to talk to and friends (page 67)?

7.  What stunt does Johnny attempt in this chapter?  What is the result?


Chapter 5

1.  What question does Tex want Mason to answer in the beginning of the chapter?

2.  Describe Tex.  What does he look like?

3.  Why is it, do you think, that when Tex gets up he’s not “sleepy like [he] was on school days”?  Can you relate to this?  If so, why do you think it is that way?

4.  Why is Mason going into the city in this chapter?

5.  Why doesn’t Mason eat his breakfast?

6.  Why doesn’t Mason want Tex to go with him (p. 82)?

7.  What is Tex so happy about in this chapter?

8.  What’s wrong with Mason?

9.  What surprising secret does Mason reveal to Tex after they leave McDonald’s?

10.  Why is Mason so honest with Tex?


Chapter 6

1.  What line of business is Lem in?

2.  Does this pay well?

3.  Explain what Tex means by “You don’t have to live a long time to be old” page 103?

4.  Describe the hitchhiker Tex and Mason pick up.

5.  What advice does the hitchhiker offer about being in prison?

6.  What’s the difference between a monologue and a dialogue (page 105)?

7.  What ‘situation’ do Tex and Mason end up in once they pick up the hitchhiker?

8.  How does Tex get Mason and himself out of their situation?

9.  Why does Mason let go of the dash instead of holding onto it?

10.  Who did the hitchhiker remind Tex of?  Why do you think this was?


Chapter 7 

1.  What do Mason and Tex do in this chapter that would make Lem laugh?

2.  Who did Tex and Mason Receive an unexpected phone call from?

3.  When is Tex’s birthday?  When did his father think it was?

4.  What does Tex’s father promise him for his birthday? 

5.  What does “dubious” mean on page 123?

6.  Where does Tex’s father get a job?

7.  Why doesn’t Tex get Negrito back?


 Chapter 8

1.  What does Jamie want her father, Cole, to understand? (p. 133)

2.  What happens to Mason during the basketball game?

3.  What is Tex crawling around on the ground trying to help someone find?

4.  How does Tex “cross the line” with Jamie in this chapter?

5.  How does Tex feel about Jamie?

6.  How doe Jamie feel about Tex?

7. What shape is Tex’s relationship in with Jamie at the end of this chapter?


Chapter 9

1.  What did Johnny and Tex break into the school to do?

2.  Why does Tex think Johnny’s taken up smoking?

3.  How long have Tex and Jamie been broken up?

4.  What punishment do Johnny and Tex receive for the stunt at school?

5.  What is it that Lem realizes Mason really wants besides money?

6.  What job does Mrs. Johnson tell Tex about?

7.  What punishment was Tex unaware that he was facing while causing trouble at school (p. 156)?

8.  What, do we learn, was Mason’s big problem in junior high?

9.  Where did Tex get the idea to “mess” with the typewriters?

10.  What major secret about Tex is revealed in this chapter?


Chapter 10

1.  Who ends up picking up Tex when he runs out of the school?

2.  What nickname does Lem’s wife have for Tex?

3.  What “career idea” does Tex consider in this chapter (p. 164)?

4.  What was Kelly searching for in this chapter?

5.  What thoughts keep Tex from shooting Kelly?

6.  Explain how this chapter ends?


Chapter 11

1.  What “trouble” landed Tex’s father in prison?

2.  Why didn’t Tex’s father want to go to the dance with his wife that night (p.180)?

3.  How did Tex’s mother catch pneumonia?

4.  Who’s the first person, who wasn’t family, allowed to see Tex?

5.  What’s the difference between a soft-nose .22 and a regular .22 gun?

6.  Jamie says she doesn’t think love solves anything (p.184).  What do you think she means?  Do you agree or disagree with her?  Explain.

7.  Who walks in on Jamie and Tex in the hospital?


Chapter 12

1.  What decision has Mason made in this chapter regarding college?

2.  How does Tex feel about this decision?

3.  Sum up how you think the novel ends with Tex and Mason.