Benefits of Using Multimedia in the Classroom

Benefits for Students:

Engaging and motivating.
Provides opportunities to try new things.
Incorporates additional useful skills into the curriculum.
Heightens project-based learning opportunities.
Provides classroom accessibility outside the classroom.
Benefits audio/visual learners.
Appealing and manageable to students with special needs and at-risk students.
Allows for showcase of student work.

What do the students think?


Benefits for Teachers:

Enables teachers to turn teacher-centered lessons into student-centered.
Provides teachers with more opportunities to be facilitator.
Easily adaptable to all learning levels.
Decreases classroom management issues.
Provides opportunities for students to have a 'real' audience.
Places onus of responsibility back on the student.
Allows teachers to deal with photocopying limitations.
Provides a forum for teacher sharing and feedback.


Benefits for Parents:

Enables parents to monitor homework and upcoming assignments.
Helps parents feel more connected.
Offers parents a place to view student's work.

What is the research saying?