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Writing Workshop:
Writing an Essay

The following exercises are copies of lessons carried out in class.  You are responsible for the information contained in each, and should apply your knowledge and understanding of the information towards your own writing. Most exercises include one or two activities that you must complete either in class or as homework.

Before you begin: Types of Essays

New link for teachers: An Updated approach to this Essay Unit

Exercise One: Where to Start - Generating Ideas Through Pre-writing
Exercise Two:  Determining Your Audience
Exercise Three: Your Writing Style
Exercise Four: Creating Your Thesis Statement
Exercise Five: The Parts of an Essay - writing the body 
Exercise Six: Writing the Introduction and Conclusion of an Essay
Exercise Seven: Connecting the Ideas Within Your Essay
Exercise Eight: Polishing Your Writing - editing wordiness and misused words 
Exercise Nine: Editing Grammar Problems 1- sentence fragments 
Activity one
Activity two
Exercise Ten:

Editing Grammar Problems 2- Comma splices and Run-ons 
Activity one
Activity two

Review comma splices, run-on sentences and fragments by playing this interactive game! click HERE

Exercise Eleven:

Using Commas: the Four Comma Rules
Exercise Twelve: Italics, underlining, and quotation marks
Exercise Thirteen: Helpful Essay Hints: Mistakes to Avoid When Writing Essays


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