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Presentation dates: October 6th -15th

Value: 25 % of term


"Examination of a witch"


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Project Description: Researching and Presenting Relevant Topics Surrounding Arthur Miller’s, The Crucible.

Project Details:  There are seven topics you will be choosing from.  Once you sign up for a topic, with your group, you will develop a full class lesson on your topic including:


Each group will be responsible for collecting the bulk of information on your topic on their own time.  However, on the following dates class time is allocated for group work and/or research:  Sept. 13, Sept. 14, and Oct. 1.


Project Specifics: 

1.  Topic discussion: The bulk of your group’s presentation is an INTERESTING, ENTERTAINING and INFORMATIVE lecture/discussion on your topic providing all necessary and relevant information.  How the group chooses to present the information is open but you may consider using Power point, overheads, handouts, etc. This part of the project should take approximately 30 minutes of class time. *Note : there must be visual and verbal information

Each of the topics requires quite a bit of research and must be divided amongst group members. Each member is responsible for discussing their part of the research topic with the class during the presentation and, the day of the presentation, will be required to submit a 1 – 2  page report of their part of the research topic complete with MLA format and citations.

2.  Class Activity:  With your group you will design an activity that reinforces the discussion your group gave.  This can be any form of activity, but its purpose must be to get the class involved in the discussion topic and thinking about some aspect of it on their own.  This is NOT to be an evaluation activity.  This part of the project should take approximately 15 – 20 minutes of class time.  It should be interesting & entertaining.

3.  Evaluation Activity:  The purpose of the evaluation activity is to assess whether the concepts discussed in the lecture were understood by the class.  This activity will be a question handout. Whether it is short answer or  multiple choice is up to the group and must contain, at least, 10 thoughtful and carefully selected questions based on the group's presentation. A blank copy of the activity must be handed in to the teacher with an answer key  the day of the presentation.  The group is responsible for marking and recording the marks of this assignment and giving this to the teacher within 2 days of the presentation.  This part of the project should make up the remainder of the class approximately 15 – 20 minutes.


Evaluation:  60 % individual  40 % group (see detailed breakdowns below)
Evaluation for the project will be divided into three parts –
a.  Individual essay as mentioned in number 1 (/35)
b.  Group mark based on presentation including all parts (/40) 
c.  Self and Peer evaluation  (/25 pts.)

The essay will be evaluated as follows:
- Based on the NS exam criteria with 5 pts. allocated to MLA format and citations.
(35 pts.)

The group mark will be evaluated as follows:
- Content & overall effectiveness of presentation (20 pts.)
- Organization of presentation (5 pts.)
- Creativity, Relevance, thoughtfulness, and appropriateness of class activity (10 pts.)
- Relevance, thoughtfulness, and appropriateness of class evaluation (10pts.)

 The Individual contribution will be evaluated as follows:
- the group’s evaluation of each member’s contribution to the group (15 pts.)
- each members evaluation of their contribution (10 pts.)

Presentation Evaluation rubric:


poor    satisfactory   acceptable     good   v.good      excellent    awesome


    6             10                 12           14        16              18               20


    2             2.5                  3          3.5          4               4.5              5

Class activity

    3               5                   6            7           8                 9              10


    3               5                   6            7           8                 9              10





Topics for the Presentations and suggestions for focus:

Arthur Miller – Detailed biographical info., why he wrote The Crucible, place particular emphasis on distinguishing the fact and fiction in The Crucible, his connection to McCarthyism (only briefly touch on McCarthyism as you do not want to take away from that group's presentation).

Puritans and Pilgrims – immigration to New England, religious beliefs, law and religion, law and property (your focus should be namely on Puritans with a brief comparison/contrast with Pilgrims.  The emphasis of your presentation must be on their religion, practices, and influences of their beliefs on daily life).

Colonial Life – Help the class envision what it would have been like to live during the late 17th century in New England.  Examine colonial dress, daily routines, education, roles of men and women, role of religion (briefly), children. You must try to focus on the time period between 1600 and the early 1700's (no later than 1710).  Studying their religious views first will help you locate accurate information about dress particularly.

Slavery in colonial times – How did Slaves end up in New England? Locate information on where they came from, how they arrived in New England, their role in colonial life, an examination of the roots of these slaves (places, customs, culture –in particular Barbados in the 17th century ) – how did they differ from the colonialists in their beliefs and culture?

McCarthyism – what is it, who was involved, who did it affect, the public’s reaction, relation to the Salem witch trials, connection to Arthur Miller personally.

The history of witchcraft in Europe and New England – How was a witch defined in Europe and New England during the 16th - 17th centuries? How were suspected witches evaluated and treated differently in Europe and New England? Provide the class with a BRIEF synopsis of the Salem witch trials.

Modern day witchcraft – what is a modern day witch, their beliefs, symbols and meaning, modern organizations, modern day witch hunts.  Examine what is happening currently in various parts of the world with witchcraft.  On a figurative level examine the theory of a witch hunt - in what ways are witch hunts still occurring today?



The following links are to be used as a starting point.  You should also be searching on your own and visiting the library.

Arthur Miller Puritans & Pilgrims Colonial Life Slavery in Colonial Times McCarthyism History of Witchcraft Modern day Witchcraft

Additional Resources for many of the above links:

Images From the Salem Witch trials



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