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Mar 01, 2018 Podcast
  Grade 5 podcast now available

Grade 5 students have published their first podcast online.

Nov 19, 2017 Sunday Update
  Weekly agenda now available
  The weekly agenda for Nov 20-24 is now available - click on the highlighted link above.
Oct 1, 2017 Sunday Update
  Weekly agenda now available

The weekly agenda for Oct 2-6 is now available - click on the highlighted link above. A reminder that a paper copy of the agenda will be sent home on Monday. Please note that most events on the agenda are scheduled for the day or date under which it is listed; for example, "Please return Library books" is listed on Monday with the expectation that students will return their library book on Monday so they may sign out new books during our Library class that day. A different example, "Math Homework due Friday," listed on Tuesday to Thursday is simply a reminder, while listed under Friday means it is due that day. This method of notation is different from last year's weekly agendas. If you have any questions about the weekly agenda, please contact me.

Also posted is this year's classroom schedule - click on the link above. Note: This is a less cluttered version than the one handed to parents on Curriculum Night.

Oct 1, 2017 Welcome back!
  We are well on our way
  It was nice seeing many of you last week, at Curriculum Night. I ask those of you who were unable to join us to keep an eye out for information coming home this coming week outlining the program I have put together, as well as a 10-day class schedule, and a copy of the booklet "Growing Up OK" (a letter goes home to parents before discussions around puberty begin later in the school year).

Students in both grades are at various stages of completing a writing assessment to help me understand approximately where in their writing skills they stand at this time.

In addition to this, students in grade 4 are working on an autobiographical poster, "Personal Posters," while students in grade 5 have been working on various segments for their first Podcast, which is expected to be ready for posting to the internet by the end of term 1.

We are currently discussing Stress and Anxiety in Health. We recently invited a grade 6 student to our class (once a student in 4v a few years ago) to
introduce students to Zones of Regulation, a program this student is particularly familiar with.

In Math, students in both grades have been studying various aspects of Whole Numbers to 10,000 (4) and 1,000,000 (5). Students recently completed a Math & Art project, Base 10 Thingamajigs, which I hope to post to the website possibly later this coming week. Keep an eye for more specific information about the Math we're doing, to be posted here as soon as I can make the time to do so.

I suspect most parents are hearing from their child about the Science projects we're deeply immersed in. Long a tradition in my class, students in grade 4 are engaged in a Pinhole Photography project, in which they construct a cardboard camera they use to take real black-and-white photographs. In fact, they have almost completed building their cameras, and we begin taking photos this coming week. Keep any eye out here for a slideshow later in October of the pinhole photographs students created. This project is one part of our (grade 4) exploration of Light. Students are also in the process of conducting Six Experiments on the Properties of Light, which includes completing reports for each experiment.

Meanwhile, in grade 5, students have been very busy building two compound machines; specifically, two Go-Cart Catapults. They've been using hand and power tools with close supervision, learning about screws, levers, pulleys, etc. They've also had the opportunity to work with Mrs. Phillips exploring the design and construction of working model catapults.
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