Purpose: to learn how to safely operate a Bunsen burner.


Introduction: The Bunsen burner uses propane as a fuel. CARE and CAUTION must be taken when using a Bunsen burner. Listen to and follow all instructions.



1. Use the following diagram to identify the parts of the Bunsen burner.















2. Before lighting the burner close the needle valve and the ports. Turn the needle valve to 1 revolution. Hold a lit match just above the barrel. Turn the gas valve on the desk so the handle is over the gas outlet. If the burner does not light immediately open the needle valve more (maintain the match above the barrel). The burner should light with a dirty yellow flame as shown in the diagram below.


















3. Open the airports until the flame burns as a quiet clear blue as shown in the diagram below.


















4. Each person in the group must take a turn lighting the burner.



1. In the introduction of your report, draw and label the Bunsen burner.

2. In the introduction of your report, explain the purpose of each of the labelled parts of the Bunsen burner.

3. In the procedure of your report, explain how to light the Bunsen burner.

4. In the observation of your report, describe the initial flame, the adjusted flame and explain where you should hold a test tube when heating the tube.