Missing in Venice


                        Though the ships mighty engine

              was in reverse it still went further and further


A longtime ago in 1859 there was a cruise ship. It wasn’t very big but back then they crammed as many people as they could on the boat. It went around Italy and it was the nicest boat until the Titanic. It had a very classy restaurant, a ballroom, even the bathrooms were fit for the best. Some of the most important people were on that ship. It was known as the “Dream” ship. The name, The Golden Star. She sank off the east coast. It hit a building. I know that sounds weird but a city was flooded, but that’s another story. Anyway it hit a sky scrapper. And they say that the ghosts are still around and almost every cruise ship since, has sunk when passing Italy.


Now lets go to the present time, one hundred years later. Its 1959 and Frank (a scientist) has been doing some research and found out about The Golden Star. He showed some people. “Lets make a replicate.” yelled someone “Good idea and we’ll sail it around Italy!” screamed another. Frank wasn’t happy with this idea. People, people,” he yelled “I don’t think this is a good idea. There have been many ships that sun-”  “Make the ship!” someone interrupted.


So the whole town (except for Frank and the children) went to       build the ship.


Eleven months later they had build a huge and beautiful ship. IT was nicer and way bigger then the Golden Star. This one was called The Golden Star ||. “Who will be the captain?” asked a painter “I volunteer



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