Another Place Another Time

 by: Andrew Stuart 6C

  In this story you will find out that there is no such thing as a U.F.O. and you will find out that an instrument sure can be weird…when his name is Alfred.


   “Alan get up, it is time to go to school.” Mom repeated. “But I don’t want to. he said. It isn’t even a school day for goodness sake. It is Saturday!!!” “Did I forget to tell you? she asked. Oh, you are now going to attend the school of magical instruments. You will learn that you can make wonderful but mysterious music. You leave in 3 minutes. You will leave Canada in a flying cymbal and warp back a few hundred years. It will be so exciting. But just to rouse people put on the glowing lights. I will be laughing very hard so don’t worry. Ok?” “Yes” said Alan. “Here you go, I packed overnight. she said. You are so lucky. All the world famous musicians go to Xylophonia.” “IS that how you became a famous musician?” “ Yes it is”


 Alan, a boy of 12 with blond hair and blue eyes and about 5.3 foot. Unruly hair with a scrawny body. He jumped onto the flying cymbal and was left to fly off  to Xylophonia. But he had one question, where was his dad? All he knew of him was that he divorced his mother after he was born. If there was an answer he’d find it there…


  He arrived in Xylophonia 6 hours later. He had serious jet lag but he survived. He was also very bored because the cymbal was on autopilot. When he got there and the cymbal landed, he saw maybe 600 other kids arriving in all sorts of different instruments. a few of them were: electric guitars, floating pianos a few drums and buzzing kazoos. The second he came out of his cymbal, he noticed one person in particular. An oddball if he ever saw one. He had purple hair an don top of his hair was the funkiest looking baseball cap. He was wearing the stupidest looking joker outfit and he really looked like a goof. But for some reason, Alan wanted to be his friend. “Hello.” greeted Alan. “Hello-aba. replied Steven. I always end my sentences with aba-aba.” “Cool.” said Alan. Come on, we have to go to the ceremony-aba. said Steven. “Fine.” said Alan.


   When they got to the Grand Hall they were separated into three groups: the trumpets, saxophones and the flutes. Steven was chosen to go to the flute group and Alan was chosen to go to the trumpet group. When Alan was chosen to get his instrument and pick it up, it yelled “Hold me properly!!!” Alan then screamed “What???” he exclaimed. “I said H-O-L-D  M-E  P-R-O-P-E-R-L-Y. And my name is Alfred.” said Alfred. “what kind of a name is Alfred for a trumpet?” asked Alan. “A good one. replied Alfred. My mother named my older brother Henry the Horn so Alfred was all that was left.” stated Alfred. “Ohhhhh. said Alan. Now I get it…”


   After a good long conversation that lasted 4 hours, the two of them had to go to bed. They still continued their conversation well into the night until Alan asked “Do you know who Marcus Bamboo is?” asked Alan. “Of course. replied Alfred. He is the best well known musician in Xylophonia. My father was his trumpet. They teach here.” stated Alfred. “Really?” asked Alan. “Yes.” “Can I meet him?” “Probably but…” “ Woohoo!!!!!!” cut in Alan. “SHHHHHHHHH.” said the other boys.


Then Alan fell asleep with dreams of him meeting his father every which way, that was good. But they ended abruptly because the sound of horns woke him up. “Come on-aba” said Steven. “I’m coming I’m coming.”


So off they went with their instruments to tuning class.


“Now play a D flat then play a G Alan.” said Gertrude E. Tunora. “Kay Mrs. T.” After he played the two notes Alfred said “ You are the best player that has ever played on me.” “Wonderful cut in Mrs. Tunora. You will be a famous musician. Perfect.” After class Alan was walking to band practice. When he got there, he was amazed at who he saw. The second he got there Alfred said “ Look your father, Marcus Bamboo!” “Ohmigod! Ohmigod! Ohmigod! OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!! screamed Alan. “What is so important?” I am just making sure that you’re my dad. What is your birthday?” “ January 26th.” said Marcus. “Were you ever divorced?” “Yes to Yolanda Faraway” “That is my mom. You really are my dad. SWEET!” “ Okay but we still need to have our band class.


At the end of the year Yolanda and Marcus got remarried and they lived a happy life for a while until they found out that Marcus Bamboo wasn’t really his dad. Just an alien from outer space who brainwashed his dad and their race was studying clones and wanted to test them. So maybe there really are aliens from outer space but we will probably never know. Just make sure that if you see a flying saucer in September you will now know it is a kid flying off to Xylophonia and not an alien. But if not, you have seen an alien. So still keep your guard. But Alan still had a wonderful life and managed to make 59 #1 hits and he became a millionaire.





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