Another Place Another Time

Once upon a time there was a house on Willow Street that had a tiny family, the Emerson’s. There was a father Dylan, a mother Wendy, a grandfather James and a son Christopher-Jordan but everyone called him C-J. C-J had three best friends Nicholas (Nick), Mathew (Matt) and Laura. They like to explore a lot but there was one spot where they always wanted to go but C-J’s grandfather told them never to go there. It was across the train tracks. He said many bad things have happened there and if anyone goes there and found the castle that they would never get out unless they found the treasure and only one person knew the password to the passageway. 

        One day they were going to C-J’s house to get a snack and his grandfather wasn’t there. C-J asked his parents where his grandfather is and they told him a man came rushing in and took him away. He went towards the train tracks. They looked out the window and saw a tiny cart going across. He was sure one of them was his grandfather. They decided to go ask some people if they knew anything about the other side of the train tracks. “I have no idea what’s on the other side!” said Mrs. Nicholas one of their neighbors. They tried every house around them except one. “My grandfather was taken away by a man to the other side of the train track do you know anything about it or how I can get him back? C-J asked. “No I don’t know anything about it,” said an old lady. As they were walking down the steps to go home, the old lady mumbled to herself, “If there was an answer, he’d find it there.”

When they went home, they decided that I the morning they would go and try to find him. They said that if they were not back in 24 hours call the police and send them over. In the morning they packed and got ready to go. It was a very cloudy day and looked like it was about to poor. They got in a cart and started across. As they got nearer and nearer to the end of the tracks, they could see a castle. They thought that C-J’s grandfather was there. It took them a little more then an hour to get across the train tracks. They started to hike to the castle. When they got there, it was almost dark. They decided to camp a few minutes away for the night and would go in the castle in the morning.


At home, their parents were getting worried. They called the police and told them to go over and find them.


In the morning, C-J, Nick, Matt and Laura went in the castle to explore. After about an hour and a half they found C-J’s grandfather. There was a man in front of a door yelling at him saying “Tell me the password to the secret door!!!” C-J stepped out from behind the wall they were hiding behind and said, “Grandpa do…………” “Christopher-Jordon Emerson! What are you doing here?” His grandfather interrupted. As he said C-J’s name the secret door opened. He couldn’t believe his grandfather was the one who knew the password and also couldn’t believe that it was his name. The man reached into his pocket and pulled out a gun. “Don’t move or I’ll shoot you!” The man said. Just then the police showed up. “Drop the gun!” The police said to the man.  The man dropped the gun and was sent to jail. He was the man that the police have been looking for, for a while.

The Emerson’s got to keep the treasure and the man that was sent to jail was never heard of again.

The End

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