Uninvited Guests  


A Harris Burdick Mystery (by Natalia)

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“His heart was pounding

He was sure he had seen the doorknob turn.”


Fifty-nine years ago, back in 1943 lived the small family Prichard. There was a father Dan and his eighteen year old son Joshua (Josh). Josh’s mother Grace had died long ago when Josh was only nine. What caused her death was a small jewel given to her by her husband. It was said that “the one who wore the emerald shall be rewarded.” And one time Grace was walking near the river and was found drowned two days after, leaving Dan with no wife, and Josh without his beautiful mother. Now it was early December almost to the day Grace had passed away. That Dan and Josh got a visit from his uncle Robert. Robert was Grace’s brother, and always comes for a visit before Christmas and just to pray for Grace. But it is very hard for Robert to get all the way to Texas when he lives five hours away. Robert Curt stayed with the Prichard’s for three days. Suddenly at supper the phone rang. I’ll get it said Josh… “Hello?”… “Hi this is the chief of police Howard Dingby, would Mr. Prichard be there please?” “Yes one moment please.” Dad it’s for you. Thank you son, he shot back. “Hello?” “Hi there Mr. Prichard, sorry to bother you, this is Howard Dingby the chief of police. It’s been a while since we’ve spoken of your wife Grace’s case, but it seems that three hours down the river away from you, was found a gold pendant with an emerald down the front. We know it was said the emerald was stolen, but it was very odd that we must have thought wrong. We are not positive that it is the one, but we would like you to come see us first thing in the morning, if it is the one we think it is, I’m happy to say that the case will be opened again. Wow thought Dan! Okay thank you Mr. Dingby, I’ll see you tomorrow morning. As Dan got back to the table he told about his conversation on the phone. Robert agreed to stay home with Josh until he got back. The next morning Dan went to the police station with lots of doubt that it would be the one. His eyes filled with tears remembering the day he had given it to Grace. The chief patted him on the back happily saying “It’s been 9 years and we haven’t solved this case, we gave up once but this time the case stays on until it is solved.” When Dan got back home, he showed the rusty pendant to Josh and Robert. It was very hard to believe. The next day December 17th, the day Grace had passed away, Dan, Robert and Josh bought some flowers and went to her grave saying a little prayer for her, and dropping the flowers by her tomb. Now it was time for Robert to leave for home. He said goodbye and gave Josh a hug, and then left. Dan and Josh went home to get some rest. Two weeks later, after Christmas and right before New Year, Robert showed up. Dan welcomed him in, and was very surprised to see him, he thought that maybe something was wrong because Robert only comes during Christmas time, near the anniversary Grace’s death. Robert said that everything was okay. He was going to move to Texas and wondered if he could stay with them until he found his own apartment. Dan said it was fine. Josh was very happy about. Two days later a man just showed up in the living room. Dan was sure he had seen the doorknob turn, but nobody opened the door, the man just showed up in the living room,  their front door, his name was Paul Lenex. He claims to be friends with Robert, so they invited him in. When they were all sitting down drinking beer Robert gave Paul a look, and suddenly Paul and Robert pulled out guns and threatened to kill them if they moved. Then Paul began tying Josh’s hands, when Dan tried attacking Robert. Robert fell to the ground and Josh began trying to stop Paul, he suddenly was able to snatch the gun and tied Paul up then called the police. Suddenly something shiny fell from Robert’s pocket. Josh tied Robert up, Dan picked up the shiny item which fell from Robert’s pocket, he noticed it was a pendant the same that was found in the river. Dan reached into his pocket and took out the same pendant but then noticed on the back of the one Robert had, was carved the initials GC (Grace Curt) + DP (Danny Prichard). All a long Robert had the real pendant! Then suddenly the police arrived. Dan explained everything and Robert and Paul were taken to prison.

They didn’t understand how Robert could do such a thing, but remembered, that ever since Robert and Grace were children, Grace would always be given all the love and attention. It was all about that, and for once Robert wanted to be rewarded with something great. Robert had stolen the pendant and killed his sister; Paul was his partner. Robert now lives an eternity in prison. Dan is doing well, he is now a grandfather and got a new job as a detective. Josh has his own place, is now twenty-seven years old, has a beautiful wife Kiona, and two wonderful children Andrew and Kate.


The End!

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