Uninvited Guests          26/4/02


by Blair


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One beautiful warm day in July, a young woman named Manon was reading in her sunroom when she heard the front door open and close and then the fridge open and close.  She knew it was her brother Michael.  He had come in everyday and done the same thing. he would come in uninvited and go to the fridge and get some beer and then come into the sunroom where Manon was and they would talk until 5 o’clock. Manon was looking forward to talking to him because she had some really important news to tell him. She had found a job! She was becoming a secretary for an elementary school. She told him the second he sat down with her. He was so proud of her because she had been looking for a job for so long. They talked some more until 5 o’clock. The next day around 3 o’clock, Manon again heard the door open and then close and the fridge open and close. Knowing it was Michael she waited for him in the sunroom where she was reading. A couple of minutes passed and he didn’t come in the room. So Manon went out and checked to see where he had gone.  Michael wasn’t there.  She was very confused, she swore she had heard the door open and close.  She knew this was a sign.   Just hours later she was told that Michael was killed in a car accident. She asked around what time, they said around 3:05. A truck had crashed into him on the way over and he immediately was killed. She was horrified.  Manon attended the funeral five days after Michael was killed. She was crying so hard that she had to leave the funeral. She then realized that Michael had come for one last visit.


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