A Strange Day in July 


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by Sam


One day in the year 2000 in the middle of July a little boy of the age of 13 was doing chores around the house, it was a very big house and it was very hot out. He was painting the house and his mom said “Hey Scott!” “Sarah wants
to go to the lake that no-one usually goes to, could you bring her?” “Ya sure in a minute, replied Scott. He was very happy that he would be able to go swimming and relax with his sister. It’s just a short walk away to arrive to the lake that no one really wants to go any more, they go there every time its warm enough outside.  On the way to the lake they bumped into two of Scott’s best friends
 Sam and Justin. They said that the girl “Ashley”, the girl that Scott likes
 was on her way to his house and was going to meet him somewhere around
 his house. Scott was so excited he told his sister just a little swim; she was
 all right with that. When they got there his sister got into her swimsuit in the
 blink of an eye. Scott didn’t want to swim so he just threw stones in the

Lake, then he threw with all his might but the third stone came skipping
 back. Scott was so shocked and amazed at the same time, he couldn’t

move. He picked up the rock and it started to glow. He thought it was a
 magic rock so he put it in his pocket and he told his sister to hurry up and
 he was leaving. She didn’t even have time to get dry, she only had time to
 to put on her cloths and leave. On the way back it started to rain and it became

so cold it started to hail. When they got back the parents of Ashley were

at Scott’s house. They were all crying, Scott was afraid of the news he was about to encounter, they said that a car on the way over had hit Ashley. “Well she wanted to let you know that she liked you, b-b-but now she is gone. The situation was very sad. During that day his sister started to develop a sickness that the doctors could not help in a medical way. The next day she had to stay in the hospital for breathing tubes and medical testing. She died a few days after. The next few years were going pretty well for Scott and his mother, his mother received a raise, they moved into a new house a nicer neighborhood. His mother had a chance to go on a business trip to New Hampshire; Scott was excited for his mom. The next day Scott was watching television and a SPECIAL news report came on and it said a plane crashed on its way to New Hampshire, Scott said to himself it couldn’t be the plane his mom was on, but it was!! Throughout the years with the money that his mom left behind lasted Scott about 2 to 4 years.
After those years he tried to explain what happened to him and his family but
no one ever believed him. After the rock became a little bit more powerful, it
made Scott kill others!! And when the police had him in custody he tried to

explain that the rock did it but they just thought he was crazy but they searched

him anyway but the rock was gone! Vanished! It ended up right back at that lake
where a little girl named Emma picked up the rock and thought it was magic too

So she stuffed it in her pocket. And no one will ever believe those strange days in


The End

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