The House on Maple Street

(A “Solved” Harris Burdick Mystery)


by : Lindsay


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A long time ago two aliens were sent to earth to abduct children and send them back to their planet . After the aliens took human form they looked like an odd couple . The woman was a short plump woman and her husband was tall and slim . She went by the name Penelope and he went by the name of Oliver . They spent about a month looking for a house , finally they found a fairly large house and spent about another year re-constructing the basement into their space so , when they abducted children they could send them back to their planet . They waited another month before they adopted a child . When they went to the orphanage they decided to adopt a 13 year old girl named Maggie. What Maggie didn’t understand was that they could have adopted    baby girl but instead they adopted her . When she got home she unpacked her stuff and started reading her favorite books . Just then Penelope and Oliver came in and asked her why she had been in the orphanage so long and she told them one night when she was five her older sister was babysitting her because her parents went out for the night and they never came home and her sister left her and never came home ! They told her not to worry because they would take care of her , she also told them that she spent so long at the orphanage because every person who would come in wanted to adopted toddlers or babies and as she got older she was less wanted ! About a year passed and one day they came home with a little 7 year old named Gus . Maggie found it very strange that Gus was like Penelope and that she was like Oliver !! So one night she pretended she had homework and  stayed up late , around 10:30 p.m she got ready for bed and she thought she felt the house rumble , she ran down two flights of stairs and threw open the basement door , where she found Oliver and Penelope drinking champagne chanting “ It was the perfect lift-off !! “ Maggie ran up the stairs once again and saw that the house was off the ground . And after that night Maggie , Gus , Oliver , Penelope and the house at 7279  Maple St. were never seen again .



The End

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