The House on Maple Street  


  By: Laura    



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On a cold chilly day in December 1894, was the time when an old big Victorian house was built on 51 Maple Street. The house was a whitish color, was fairly tall and was also very large. It had all the rooms a normal bigger home would have. It had many windows  all around it. There was just one little thing about it. There was a large attic room at the top. It was surrounded with little windows. In each tiny window, there was either a little hole or a little crack. But other than this little crack, it was a wonderful average Victorian home. About one hundred years after the house was built, a little family moved in. The family was a normal Canadian family. There was a mother, a father and a young girl. Mr. Tanden was the father. He was rather large, with a bald head and mustache. He was a very loving husband to his wife Gloria. Gloria was a very slim and tall woman. Since she was a cook, she often wore an apron. She had very blue eyes and was very attractive. Gloria was a stepmother to a young girl named Anita. Anita was a very beautiful girl with small green eyes and long black hair. The bad thing was… ever since her mother died three years ago, she was never as happy as she was before. She was doing  well in school and she loved to read. She read every single book that was in reach. Her favorites were non-fiction stories.

About three months after the move, Anita got used to her new home. But since she still wasn’t one hundred percent familiar with the house, she used her free time to explore. When she was through with all of the rooms, she remembered that she forgot one little room in the top of the house. She climbed up the wooden, unstable ladder carefully. The ladder led to the large room. She looked up. It was horribly dusty. She could not even see! She opened one of the little windows. After some fresh air flowed through, she looked around a bit. After about five minutes or exploring, she heard her stepmother call her for lunch. She had a sandwich with a drink. Anita decided to bring her lunch upstairs with her. This time, when she came up to the large room, she noticed a very large shelf with a blanket over the top. She took off the cover and found a mountain of books! She gasped with excitement! She looked through them, and found a very noticeable book. It was fairly large and colorful. She decided to read it. That night after dinner, she read the book. After a few pages of reading, she found out that it was a diary. She decided not to show it her father and stepmother. After three days of studying the book, she figured out that it belonged to a magician. He seemed very mean from what she read. This man was a very powerful man, and was practically a wizard. He could do anything that he pleased. About four weeks after, Anita finished the diary. A few days later, she began to notice very strange things happening to her and her family. At first she thought that it was just a coincidence, but then bad things started to happen. Anita had studied for hours for her science test and failed! Her father got fired from his lawyer business, and Gloria became very ill for one night. Anita was starting to get scared. One night, it was very cold. Anita and her family awoke to the noise of the house rumbling! She and her family ran out in their pajamas and in the below zero temperatures! They stared with awe at their house about ten meters off the earth! Gloria passed out! As for Anita, she was starting to clue in to what was happening! Mr. Tanden just stared with amazement!  As soon as Gloria had awakened, they were still staring with wide eyes at the house. The light that was coming out was almost blinding! Anita whispered under her breath “It was a perfect liftoff!” Then Anita noticed a very horrifying scene, but got used to it. You could see the face of the magician. Anita knew it was his face because it had a picture of him in the diary. The image only stayed for a second. Only Anita noticed it.

The day after, everyone except for Anita forgot everything. She decided to get rid of the book. Anita never forgot this event, and she never will. Maybe it was a dream, but it could have been real.


                                   The End JJJJJ

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