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Just Desert (A “Solved” Harris Burdick Mystery)


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It was 1868, two days before her party, Amanda was just a teenager back then. Around 9:40 p.m. she and her friend went for a ride in their buggy. They didn’t know, but on that same night a cannibal was lurking in the dark. He wanted human flesh. When he saw Amanda and her friend, he ran in the dark of night and opened the buggy door. Amanda ran out and locked the buggy’s door trapping the killer and her friends inside.


The next day Amanda read in the news that they found a buggy in the woods. At first she started crying. hoping it wasn’t her friends, but when she read the next few lines she knew it was them. It said one of her friend had gotten out alive but his arm had to be amputated. After reading, she threw the paper down and ran home, not noticing something lurking in the bushes. When she got home she saw police asking her mother why her daughter sacrificed her friends?


The next day in the little town they declared Amanda was a witch and that she created  the cannibal with her black magic.


Ten years had passed and Amanda took black magic. One day she sacrificed her son for her master. She did it by trapping his soul in a pumpkin and slicing it to pieces. That same night someone was lurking in the bushes. She turned around and saw the eyes in the dark, not knowing that it was Eddy her friend. When he saw what she had done, he ran in the house noticing she wasn’t in the house anymore. Amanda had visions, so she knew in advance, so she ran out of the house locking herself in her buggy. Not noticing the glimmering eyes watching her every move. It was the cannibal.


The next day in the newspaper they read a mother and her son had been slaughtered, and it said they found black magic books in the house. They said that she sacrificed their souls for dark magic. They declared that day in 1878 October 31st, HALLOWEEN! From that day on you had to wear something out of the ordinary.


                       The End!       Or is it?


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