The Third Floor Bedroom

A “Solved” Harris Burdick Mystery

by Tyler


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In the year of 2000, there lived a family named the Peterson’s. They lived a normal life. The family consists of 4 people, Joey(their son), Amanda(their daughter), Martha (the mom…Martha is a medium) and of course Bob(their father). They are a very wealthy family. To be exact the richest family in a little town called Halifax. But that all changed on a sunny day in August.


It all began when someone left a third floor bedroom open in Amanda’s room. It just happened to be that they went out for supper. When they returned, 5 things were missing: A radio, a family artifact, a television, their computer and their mother’s diamond ring.


The family phoned the police. The police caught the people who stole the stuff, to be exact there were 5 of them. Each one had one of the items. The next night someone entered Joey’s room. The next morning they woke up to horror, Joey was dead. They called the police. The policeman said, “We’ll keep an eye out.” About 1 week after, the same thing happened. Except to Amanda. Martha started to get suspicious. Bob had stayed out late both nights that their kids were murdered. So that night she decided to stay up.


That night she could hear voices. One of them was Bob’s.

“So when are we gonna dispose of her”, said someone. And that’s all she could catch. She heard footsteps. She ran upstairs as quietly as she could. The footsteps were getting louder, and louder, and louder, getting closer and closer. She was just about to scream when Officer Dick opened the door. She sighed, "I came in to tell you that we have a lead on the murder of your kids. It seems your husband Bob is trying to kill all your family.” said Dick.


The next night she was lying in her bed when the window started jiggling. Soon it was almost opened. In the bedroom the wallpaper was covered in doves. The window opened. 6 men crawled through the window. One of them was her husband.


 "HUMAHOBEHEBARA!” screamed Martha. Suddenly the doves came off the wallpaper one by one and started pecking there eyes and everywhere you could think of. They fell on the floor and started screaming. She called the police. They came and handcuffed them. And that’s the last she heard of her husband and his gang. 5 years later she adopted a child in remembrance of her kids. And that same day on a third floor bedroom. She left the window open.


The End

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