6C Nov. 4, 2010


Hero/Heroine Report Outline


Choose a person you consider to be a hero/heroine and prepare a written text for oral and written presentation.  The report must be typed. Use your home computer as much as possible. Keep an updated copy of your work in your email or on a portable stick drive (email is preferable) so as to be able to work both at home and in school.


The choice of topic must be of a person who has made a heroic contribution to society and to the benefit of many people. Sports stars, singers and movie stars are generally not acceptable as a topic unless it can be clearly demonstrated that they have contributed to society in a heroic way. Consider our discussion on the qualities of heroes when pondering a choice.  



Bibliography: your bibliography is the most important part of your report. Keep track of each item you consult immediately by making an ongoing list. See the bibliography guidelines prepared for you and keep careful track of your sources of information. You must use a variety of resources to prepare your report.

Ř    Check your local branch of the Public Library and the school library.  Show this outline to your local librarian

Ř    Use the Internet for more information and for images and sounds if possible.

Ř    Find a resource person who can give you first hand information about your chosen topic.



Ř        Introduction: In your introduction, tell why you chose this person and describe what you intend to tell your reader about the person you chose.

Ř        Main part: Tell of the person's origin (where born, childhood, family…), his or her personal achievements, obstacles he or she had to overcome, his or her contributions to the world that qualify this person as a hero/heroine. Describe heroic qualities the person displayed in his/her life that serve as an inspiration to us all.

Ř        Conclusion: Conclude (or finish) your report by talking again about some of the main points of your report and telling why this person was important and how he/she may have inspired you personally.


You should write approximately 4-8 double-spaced pages (2-4 type written) as a minimum/maximum requirement.


Take written notes which you can type on your computer at home. You will work both in school and at home on your report so strive to have the necessary items to advance your report when time is offered.



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