Basic Facts Speed Tests

Master these and you rule the universe!!


Test 1AA: 1x and 2x problems only


Test 1A: 2x and 3x problems only

Test 2A: 4x and 5x problems only

Test 3A: 6x and 7x problems only

Test 4A: 8x and 9x problems only

Test 1: 60 random multiplication problems

Test 2: 60 random division problems

Test 3: 60 random multiplication/division problems

Test 4: 60 random multiplication/divison problems

Test RM: 60 random mix

Test 5: 60 advanced random multiplication problems

Test 6: 60 advanced random division problems

Test 7: 60 advanced random multiplication/division problems

Test 8: 60 advanced random multiplication/divison problems

Test 9: 60 multiplication problems, one digit by two digits


            Test 10: 60 fraction based problems


            Test 11: 60  percentage based problems




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