6C February 6, 2012

African Heritage Report Outline

Choose a person of African heritage and prepare a written report to share with the class.  The report must be typed. Use your home computer as much as possible. Keep an updated copy of your work in your email or on a removable drive (e.g. USB drive) so as to be able to work both at home and in school.

The choice of topic must be of a person of African heritage who has made a significant contribution to society and to the advancement of people of African heritage. Sports stars, singers and movie stars are generally not acceptable as a topic unless it can be clearly demonstrated that they have contributed to the advancement of people of African heritage in a significant way. (An acceptable sports figure would be Muhammed Ali. An acceptable TV star would be Oprah Winfrey.)

Bibliography: your bibliography is the most important part of your report. Keep track of each item you consult immediately by making an ongoing list. See the bibliography guidelines prepared for you and keep careful track of your sources of information. You must use a variety of resources to prepare your report.




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How to prepare bibliographical references for a variety of sources of information 

The bibliography is the most important part of your project because it cites the sources of information you have used to support statements you have made about the subject of your study. 


Author (last name first). Title (underlined). Place of publication:

Publisher. Copyright date.


Ex. Grace, Eric S. Seals. Boston: London, Brown, 2001.



Title of article (in quotation marks), name of encyclopedia (underlined). Edition (year), Volume, pages used.


Ex. "Arizona." The World Book Encyclopedia. 1996, vol.1. pp.670-678.



Title of article (in quotation marks), name of encyclopedia

(underlined) , Format (CD-ROM). Publisher. . Edition (year).


Ex. "Sharks." Encarta Encyclopedia. CD-ROM. Microsoft Corp. 1997.



Author. Title of article (in quotation marks). Name of magazine (underlined) Date of issue: pages used.


Ex. Norris, Kenneth S. "Dolphin in Crisis." National Geographic. September 2001: 2-35.



Name of the Home Page (underlined). Name of the computer network (World Wide Web). Date of access. Online address (Universal resources locator).


Ex. Boyden School Home Page. World Wide Web. 15 May 2009. URL: http://www.walpole.ma.us/eboydenhome.htm.



Personally Conducted Interview

Name of person interviewed. Type of interview conducted. Date.

Ex. Wynn, Phail. Personal interview. 29 Apr. 2010.

Ex. Munger, Katy. Telephone interview. 5 June 2010.