Please follow the link below (HAIKU POEMS ) for a discussion on how a Haiku poem is traditionally constructed. You will also fine a treasure trove of lovely original Haiku poems by Alex Knight:


Knight's Canadian Info Collection


HAIKU POEMS (by Alex Knight)


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6C Haiku Poems


Other Haiku poems by Alex Knight:

Who came before us ?


Were they ancestors ?

Haiku softly sings

and a word picture is formed.

A feast for the mind. 

Those who came before

shall forever be with us,

always remembered.

Poetry and love

will fill your heart forever,

or rip it to shreds!

Children learn from us.

Teach them about ancestors.

Start a Family Tree!





Other Haiku poems (authors currently unknown):

Butterflies are cool

in the big, huge, green forest.

They fly up so high!

A fat bee stings me,

It hurts very badly but,

I do not cry though.

Moths go flying by.

They are very beautiful,

Fluttering around.

The bee flies quickly.

It turns around and stings me.

Then falls to the ground.


Ladybugs are red,

And have black spots on their wings.

Experts at flying.





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