Assessment Tools

Daily Assessment

A student’s participation and involvement is key in demonstrating their ability to meet most of the outcomes for Physical Education.  Below is a rubric used to record a student’s progress toward meeting the educational outcomes covered in class on any given day.




Demonstrates a thorough understanding of the Outcome


Demonstrates a good understanding of the Outcome


Demonstrates achievement, must continue to work toward


Participation is Needed to Assess Progress


Excused with parent communication


Multistage Fitness Test “Beep Test”

What is the “beep test”?

Download the “Beep Test” 20m Shuttle Run Beep Test

Calculate your VO2max

What is VO2max?

Maximal oxygen uptake (VO2max)
The maximum capacity for oxygen consumption by the body during maximum exercise. Also known as aerobic power or maximal oxygen intake/consumption. VO2max is commonly used as a measure of aerobic fitness.

21 stages at a glance