Specific Course Outcomes for Physical Education

Grade 7 Grade 8 Grade 9
Curriculum Plan 2016-2017
September  Cooperative & Low-Organized Games
Flag Football
Leadership/Group Dynamics
October  Fitness Activities
November  Handball
December  Cooperative & Low-Organized Games
January  Inter-Lacrosse
Fitness Activities
February  Fitness Activities
Shelters & Knots
March  Cooperative & Low-Organized Games
Track & Field
Ultimate Frisbee
April  GPS/Compass
Cooperative & Low-Organized Games
Fitness Activities
May   Camping Skills
June  Non-Contact Rugby
Cooperative & Low-Organized Games

Assessment Tools


Multistage Fitness Test “Beep Test”

What is the “beep test”?

Download the “Beep Test” 20m Shuttle Run Beep Test

Calculate your VO2max

What is VO2max?

Maximal oxygen uptake (VO2max)
The maximum capacity for oxygen consumption by the body during maximum exercise. Also known as aerobic power or maximal oxygen intake/consumption. VO2max is commonly used as a measure of aerobic fitness.

21 stages at a glance

Importance of Proper Phys. Ed. Clothing

Students will be expected to wear a change of clothes to participate in the physical education curriculum. Students who do not have proper clothing will not be able to meet the outcomes for that class.

Nova Scotia Department of Education has outlined the Physical Education Safety Guidelines, Grades Primary-12 (2002). These guidelines state…

 PE Safety