Quotes from Freak the Mighty

Read the quote.  Decide if it is a fact or an opinion and write down your answer.  Also write down the reason for your answer (what makes you think that it is a fact or opinion?).


1.     “Books are like truth serum – if you don’t read you can’t figure out what’s real” p 19.


2.     “’Can’t someone else be first?  Isn’t it dangerous?’  ‘Life is dangerous,’ Freak says, and you can tell he’s thought a lot about this.” P 53.



3.     “It’s this big, falling apart place with a bunch of apartments, and it looks sad and smells like fish and sour milk.” P 64.


4.     “He must be a magician, because as soon as he heard the magic words ‘birth defect,’ he disappeared.” P 71.



5.     “It was Mr. Meehan who had a word with Mrs. Donelli, and that’s why she gave up on trying to make me talk in class, and instead she waits until study hall, where she asks me the same questions alone and I tell her the answers.” P 81.


6.     “Writing the stuff down is not like talking, and my hand feels so huge and clumsy, it’s like the pencil is a piece of spaghetti or something and it keeps slipping away.” P 82.



7.     “I keep trying to get into the back of the ambulance with him, but they won’t let me.” P 87.


8.     “He’ll come in here and he’ll take that gun away from you, and then he’ll do the shooting.” P 90.