Cooperative Education 11/ 12 - Outcomes


To learn more about Co-operative Education in Nova Scotia, please follow the link:

To participate in a co-operative education community-based placement, a student must be 16 years of age and be ready for the independent nature of community placements.

What does the Co-op experience look like?

The co-operative education course consists of an in-school component and a placement component. The classroom component includes a 25-hour minimum of pre-placement instruction, which focuses on career development, workplace readiness, and workplace health and safety.

Students meet in Room 117 for pre-placement instruction on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays until October 22 (with exceptions, based on safety certification session schedules determined by our community partners and required placement meetings the instructor must attend in our community). Students will receive ample notice of changes in the class schedule. These changes will also be posted in the CHS Co-op course in Moodle, the Nova Scotia Virtual School. All students have access and should check regularly. Flexibility and adaptability and communication are attributes important to student success in this program.