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S  C  I  E  N  C  E

Grade 1 Science - lots of neat games and activities

Grade 2 Science - lots of neat games and activities


Eddie's Litterless Road Show  

Liquids and Solids

 Animal Growth and Changes

Gases Around Us Monarch Butterfly Video
Solids and Liquids Monarch Butterfly
States of Water Hungry Caterpillar Game
Changing State (solids, liquids, gases) Painted Lady Images     http://library.thinkquest.org/04oct/00587/butterflies.htm
Hotter or Colder More on the Painted Lady
Science for Kids **scroll down to Solids, Liquids & Gases Solids, Liquids, Gases - Riddle activityEven more...
Change It - Solids and Liquids

(you need to click on CHANGE IT)

All About Painted Lady Butterflies (VIDEO)
Cornstarch Experiment - A solid that acts like a liquid  
Thirstin's Water Cycle Activity Butterfly Vocabulary
  Butterflies and Bugs
The 3 States of Water (Powerpoint - Open!) Mealworm Life Cycle
  Hatching Chicks
SONGS and Videos Life Cycles Game
Matter Chatter (Song) Animal Life Cycles
The Matter Song    
Another Matter Song
Thee States of Matter (Song) Life Cycle Print-outs
I Wonder (Video) Eco-Frogs
Solids and Liquids (Video) All About Animals
States of Matter (Video) Butterfly Life Cycle Webquest
States of Matter (Video) San Diego Zoo

Air and Water in the Environment 

Relative Position and Motion

What is Water? Simple Machines
Water in the Air More Simple Machines
  Even more Simple Machines
The Water Cycle Still more Simple Machines
Where Your Water Comes From Positions (in/out)
Water: The Never Ending Story Positions (Top/middle/bottom)
The Water Cycle Positions (Above or below)
Wonderful Water - Power point Views of an Object
Weather Tools Rotating Houses
Wind Gauge Roller Coaster Game
Make Your Own Kite Forces and Movement
Water Conservation Around the House Friction
Interactive Weather Maker  
What's it Like Where You Live?  
Thirstin's Wacky Water Adventures  
The Water Cycle  


Daily and Seasonal Changes Needs and Characteristics of Living Things
How Plants and Animals Survive the Winter Animal Groups
Winter Animals (story) Mammals        Birds
The Seasons (story) Fish      Insects 
Clothes (story) Reptiles        Amphibians   
Nocturnal Animals Canadian Animals
  Grouping Plants and Animals
  Sorting Adult and Baby Animals
Materials, Objects and Our Senses Matching Adult and Young Animals
  Animal Games
  Animal Homes
  Amazing Animals
  Label a Plant