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Grade 1 Skill Builders - LOTS of links for great educational games (all subjects)

Grade 2 Skill Builders - LOTS of links for great educational games (all subjects)

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Weebly Interactives

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Grade 1 Math Games - AAA Math

Grade 2 Math Games - AAA Math

Math Games by Grade Level

  **NEW!  Math games for Kids - a great website!

A Math Dictionary for Kids - Unsure of something?  Check here!

Math Help - Is there something you don't understand?  Click here

 Number Sense and Number Theory 

Ordering Numbers - Game Grade 1 Math (all topics) Grade 2 Math (all topics)
One False Move - Ordering Numbers Fishy Count (by 1)              How many?
Caterpillar Slider Missing Number - Apple Picking
Order, Order! Curious George - Busy Day
Ordering Numbers (choose numbers to 100) Adding with Pictures    Subtracting with Pictures
Tally Match Farm Animals     Forest Animals
  Jungle Animals     Ocean Animals
Skip Count by 2's (Even Numbers) Red Frog Green Frog
Skip Count by 2's (Odd Numbers) Addition Stories          Subtraction Stories
More Skip Counting by 2's(look for theHalloween math games for kidsgame)More Skip Counting by 5's(look for theHalloween math games for kidsgame) Color Match   Bloople's Colors  Purpy's Shapes

Animal Alphabet (A-E)    Animal Alphabet (F-J)   Animal Alphabet (K-O)     Animal Alphabet (P-T)

Animal Alphabet (U-Z)

Skip Count by 5's Solve the Number Pattern
What number is missing? Basic Multiplication Facts
Skip Counting by 10's Math-a-Rama          Math Playground
More Skip Counting by 10's(look for theHalloween math games for kidsgame) Base 10 Bingo - choose Ones and Tens
Skip Counting(You choose the number) Shark Numbers             Shark Numbers #2
Fish Skip Counting by 2's Lifeguards       Model Base 10 Numbers - Go to Move Blocks 10-99
Connect the Dots - by 2's       Connect the Dots - by 5's

Connect the Dots - 2's     Connect the Dots - 2's


     Fruit Shoot (Choose Medium level)      

Fruit Shoot #2 (Choose Level 1)


Skip Counting by 3's       Place Values

Scooter Numbers

Skip Counting Fruit  Football Numbers (Can you make the largest number?)
Skip Counting Hot Air Balloons - by 5's More Place Value
More Skip Counting Digits in the Hundreds, Tens, and Ones place
Odd and Even Numbers (Monkeys)

Odd and Even Numbers (Fruit Shoot)

More Odd and Even Numbers

Even More (Bunny)

How many 100's, 10's and 1's?
Function Machine Expanded Form of a number (300+20+4 = 324)
  Expanded Form
Grade 2 Math Lab More Expanded Form
Math Cats Mystery Picture
Estimation Practice Mountians Hot Air Balloon
Fractions Match Working with words and numbers
Modeling Fractions


Bowling for Fractions



Username:  rfm1440          Password: hook53


What is a fraction? Place Value
Fraction Flags - Halves (1/2)

Fraction Flags - Thirds (1/3)

Connect 4
Fraction Balls 2 player Addition Game (play with a friend)



Partner Addition Game  *NEW
Island Chase Subtraction (multi-player) Jet Ski Addition (multi-player)
Sailboat Subtraction (multi-player) Tug Boat Addition (multi-player)
Ducky Race  (multi-player)  Kitten Match  (multi-player)
Minus Mission (multi-player) Alien Addition  (multi-player)
UFO Mystery - Subtraction Facts up to 20 Addition Surprise (Uses a grid)
 Aztec Take-away Two-Digit Addition Game (No Regrouping)
Subtraction Facts (timed game)  Two-Digit Addition Game (Harder)
Number Pyramid   Speed Grid Challange            Soccer Math
  Batter's Up Baseball (Choose DOUBLE)
Pick the Sign Mothmatic        Post Sorting
Mars Mission Fruit Splat (Choose levels 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7)       Ghost Blasters
Robot Calculator (You can choose addition or subtraction) Canoe Puppies
Little Animals Subtraction Addition Game            
Sum Sense - (Subtraction Sentences) **NEW!   Dr. Brain's Robot
Subtraction WITHOUT regrouping - PRACTICE Subtraction Water Slide
Apple Subtraction   Facts Drill         Addition Water Slide
Subtraction with Regrouping - LESSON     Addition Attack        Cannon Math
Subtraction with Regrouping - PRACTICE Tractor Addition
Addition Flashcards Save the Whale         
  Addition Hidden Picture Counting with Ten Frames
Robin Doubles Funky Mummy      Funky Mummy (sums to 20)
Bridge Doubles 5 and a Bit    10 Pipe    Catch 10
  Sum Sense (Addition Sentences) **CHALLENGE!! Number Facts Bingo
Addition Machine (Choose Level 1) Math Fact Shoot Out       Lunar Lander
Addition Game          Minus Mission Flight for Fuel          Kitten Match
  Space Shuttle Launch Adding 3 Numbers
Double Digits Adding   Alien Addition (change the range to 1-18)
Make 10               Number Bonds to 10                   Make 10 Shootout

Submarine Addition (2 player game)         Alien Evacuation

2 Digit ADDITION *Remember to Add the Tens, Add the Ones and TOTAL them up! 
Adding two 2-digit Numbers

Mathematical Game Addition

Fruit Splash Addition -
Choose Level 6 or 7

Canoe Puppies Addition

Addition Puzzle to 100

Grand Slam Math

Math Basketball - Choose HARD

Soccer Math

2 digit Addition      More 2 Digit Addition

Target Numbers

Number Nut

Basketball Shoot (Higher Numbers)

Math Man Addition Challenge (Pac-Man)

Math Word Problems


New Single Digit Addition games New Single Digit Addition games
Farm Freak Out!

Snowy Fun

Minko's Milkshake Shop

Can You Dig it?
Math Monster - Addition

Addition Blocks - The set needs to touch!

Math Racer
2 Digit SUBTRATION * Finding the difference
Fruit Shoot (Choose Level 7)

UFO Subtraction

Subtraction Puzzle to 100

Baseball Subtraction

PowerPuff Girls


Soccer Math

Math Monster - Subtraction

Math Basketball - Choose HARD

New Single Digit Subtraction games New Single Digit Subtraction games
Subtraction Facts to 20 Puzzle Math Monster - Subtraction
Subtraction Machine

Subtraction Bowling
Speed Grid
Pearl Search
Fish Shop (Facts to 20)


 Patterns and Relationships /  Measurement / Geometry

Reading cm on a Ruler Balance Scale
2D Shapes and 3D Objects - STARFALL

Patterns - STARFALL
Symmetry Match
3D Shape Memory         Rotate and Match Information about 2D and 3D Shapes
Sorting Triangles       Slides, Flips and Turns
Storyplace Shapes       Guess the Hidden Shape   Buried Shapes (NOTE:  a cuboid is a rectangular prism!)
 Kangaroo Hop (multi-player)  
Shape Lab          Magical Shape Hunt More Slides, Flips and Turns
Shape Sorter          Shape Invasion  
Shape Facts      Shape Recognition Shapes Game
Shape Memory (Note: a cuboid is a rectangular prism!) Robot Packer
Shape Games        Picture Making Slides, Flips and Turns (Open)
Color it in          Create a Sorting Rule Tangrams
Nets Symmetry (create the other side to match!)
Count Faces, Edges Verticies Icy Slides, Flips and Turns
Pattern Mania           Pattern Matcher Paul Pattern          Lulu's Flowers
Repeating Patterns          Patterns Game Increasing (Growing) Patterns
Number Patterns          Moon Rock Patterns More Increasing Patterns
Recognize Patterns          Bead Patterns Pattern Match          Increasing Patterns
Who's Missing 1?                 Who's Missing 2?      Who's Missing 3? Complete the Pattern          Pattern Generator
Patterns - STARFALL


Stop the Clock What Time Is It?
Flashcard Clock Time Teller (harder times)
Willy the Watchdog (try this 2 player game!) Time Quiz


A Look at our Coins

Read and then there are 4 Exercises to complete

Money Desk             Making Change

Buy It!

Adding Money        Adding More Money

(Click on Make Money Worksheet for both of these games)


Peter Pigs Counting Change
Changemaker (CHALLENGE!!) 

Choose Amounts less than $1.00 and Canadian Money!

Lemonade Stand
Bar Graphs Math Data        Data Collection
Ice Cream Graphing Create-A-Graph     Help the Farmer
Favorite Colors        Favorite Vegetables Bug Graphing