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L  A  N  G  U  A  G  E     A  R  T  S

Grade 2 Skill Builders - LOTS of links for great educational games (all subjects)


Reading Writing Spelling
What level is this book?

 (A useful guide for parents and students)


Cursive Writing Practice Clifford - Puppy Letters
Scholastic's Guide to Reading Levels (Search by Title, Author, or Series) Online Safety Tips
Leveled Book Lists CyberWise Merriam Webster Online Dictionary
Common Questions about Fluency Proofreading Game
Just Right books Grammar Blast
Goldilock's Rule (Just-Right books) Six Traits of Good Writing
Is this book right for you? (Use the Five Finger Test) Paragraph a Week
Online Stories Listening
Book Hive Following Directions
Scholastic Book Club Clifford's Sound Match Game Spellbound
Giggle Poetry (VERY funny poems!) Clifford's Make a Word Game 25 Frequently Misspelled Words - Grade 1
Literature Circles Clifford's Rhyming Words 25 Frequently Misspelled Words - Grade 2
Magic Tree House Long and Short Vowel Match 25 Frequently Misspelled Words - Grade 3
Jan Brett Short Vowel Practice Spelling Strategies
Kid's Reads Learn to Read - games Snap It! (match long vowel sounds)
Junie B. Jones High Frequency Word Games Matching Words with Pictures

1     2     3     4

Cam Jansen Mrs. Jones - Fun with Alphabet Letters *review of letter sounds Drag and Spell
Arthur Mrs. Jones Letter and Sound of the Week *review of letter sounds Whirlyword - Rhyming Machine
The Magic School Bus Nancy Stewart (songs) Star Words
Henry and Mudge   Word Maker
Stories to read on your own Coding Wordblender
Starfall  (a great website for learning to read) Hour of Code Vowel Blends - matching game
  Rapid Router Sandcastle Quiz - Spelling Game
  Short Vowel Sounds - Quizes

a     a     a     a     a

  e     e     e     e     e
    i     i     i     i     i
    o     o     o     o     o
    u     u     u     u     u
    Word Family Sort