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Quilting With Geometry


We have had lots of fun in the Learning Center exploring the theme Quilts in a number of curricular areas.  As part of the Mathemactics strand of the unit, we looked at geometric concepts in quilt design.  Click on the quilt squares below to navigate through the unit.

  Quilt Symmetry -  Create an original quilt with a symmetrical design using symmetry that repeats,  revolves or rotates using an online generator developed by the Long Island Children's Museum (Technology/Math).

Quilt Songs and Chants -
Sing and chant quilt poems and songs.  Practice reading skills and consider the significance of quilts in our lives with quilt poetry (Language Arts/Social Studies). 

Geoboard Quilt Patches - Create your own quilt patch with geoboards and colored elastics. Think about the use of shape in the design (Math).

Quilted Memories - Record family memories on your own personal quilt square for the classroom quilt (Language Arts). coming soon...

Maple Leaf Quilt Patches - Learn about Early Canadian Quilts, and make Maple Leaf Quilt Patches using co-ordinating wallpaper designs (Social Studies/Art/Math).

Quilt Resources - links to some of the finer quilt resources on the Net.

Yours in teaching,

Susan McBride-Wentzell

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