Canadian History 11 

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Independent Study Globalization Development Governance Sovereignty Justice


Unit I - Globalization 

Ch. 1 The Peopling of the Americas

Ch. 2 Contact and Colonization

Ch. 3 Global Influences and the Development of Canada

Ch. 4 The First World War : Shaping Canada's Identity

Ch. 5 The Second World War : Total War returns

Ch. 6 Canada in the Global Community

Unit II-Development

Ch. 7 Aboriginal Economies

Ch. 8 Heartland, Hinterland and the Staple Trade

Ch. 9 The National Policy

Ch. 10 The Evolution of the Canadian Economy

Ch. 11 Future Issues and Challenges in the Canadian Economy

Unit III - Governance

Ch. 12 Government Structures in First Nations Societies

Ch. 13 The Evolution of Government

Ch. 14 The Road To Confederation

Ch. 15 The Evolution of Canadian Federalism

Ch. 16 The Development of Political Parties

Ch. 17 The Canadian Constitution

Unit IV - Sovereignty

Ch. 18 Global Struggles for Sovereignty

Ch. 19 Sovereignty: Conflict and Compromise

Ch. 20 Aboriginal Sovereignty: The Struggle

Ch. 21 The Emergence of Quebec Nationalism

Ch. 22 The Struggle for Canadian Sovereignty

Unit Review

Unit V - Justice

Ch. 23 Canada's Legal System

Ch. 24 Land, Culture and Displacement

Ch. 25 Canada's Immigration Policies

Ch. 27 Rights and Freedoms


Independent Study


Independent Study Globalization Development Governance Sovereignty Justice

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