Water Pollution Assignment

February 2010


Using the websites listed, complete the following questions as they relate to water pollution and water treatment.  Complete 12 of the following questions. 


Conserving Water



  1. What percentage of the earth’s water is fresh and available for drinking?


  1. What is water pollution? 


  1. Identify at least 7 ways human pollute water.


  1. Approximately haw many litres of water do you use on a daily and weekly basis?  (Find a site to help you calculate this estimated use)


A Primer on Water Quality





  1. What is Water Quality and how is Water Quality Measured.



  1. Why do we have quality water standards?



  1. How do pollutants pose health risks?


It All Runs Downhill






  1. How does precipitation run off contaminate oceans/lakes (watersheds)?


  1. How does pollution affect marine animals, coral reefs and people?


  1. Identify 6 things to prevent water pollution.


  1. What is a watershed?  How many watersheds does Halifax Regional Municipality manage?


  1. According to Halifax Water Quality website, what does watershed management mean?



Water Treatment






  1.  According to the HRM website, what is the difference between storm water and waist water? 




  1. How many water treatment facilities are presently located in the HRM




  1.  Follow a drop of water from the source through the treatment process. Water may be treated differently in different communities depending on the quality of the water which enters the plant. Groundwater is water located under ground and typically requires less treatment than water from lakes, rivers, and streams. Stop at each treatment point to show where the water is along the treatment path.  Click on each point and briefly explain the process at each treatment point.