SLD Program

What is the SLD Program?

Since 1195, the Department of Education has provided some funding to regional school boards to provide services to students with Severe Learning Disabilities (SLD).

Currently, SLD support within HRSB consists of 15 itinerant teachers servicing approximately 150 students.  Each itinerant provides service for schools within their Family of schools.

Students may be referred for consideration to receive SLD support if they meet the criteria set forth by the Department of Education.  Students who are identified, are referred for SLD service by the school's program planning team.  Parents receive written confirmation of acceptance into the program at the end of the school year, for the following September.

What to Expect?

Parent's Role


- To participate in regular conferencing with the SLD teacher regarding the student's progress.

- To promote good attendance, as it is important to ensure consistent support.

- To provide support and monitor homework on a regular basis.


Student's Role

- To attend sessions on a regular basis.

- To participate in a cooperative manner.

* For more information regarding this program, please contact your child's school.


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