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Link to textbook is in your Google Classroom

Date Class Assignment
Mar 2 all Continued with Inv 5A; will finish up on Monday.
Feb 28 all Began lab Inv. 5A Chemical or Physical Change  (lab sheet)
Jan 22 all Discussed Canada's role in space and began research work on a Spacecraft of the student's choice. Work will be continued on Wednesday, it is not homework yet.
Dec 11 902 Began Meiosis today. You can watch this video to explain it. Worksheet handed out in class.

Test Meiosis Dec 20 (Wednesday) Review

Dec 8 901 Incomplete Dominance Review Sheet. Incomplete Dominance worksheet and Bikini Bottom Genetics Review worksheet due Mon Dec 11
Nov 15 902 Genetics at Work in Our School sheet. Use your data to complete questions #1-11

901 had no science due to TeensNowTalk field trip

Nov 10 901 Genetics at Work in Our School sheet. Use your data to complete questions #1-11

902 had no science due to Remembrance Day ceremony

Nov 8 all Complete the work from Monday and Wednesday's classes...use the textbook in Google Classroom...Complete Types of Asexual Reproduction Sheet.

Then p. 35#4,5,6 and re-read p36 and then answer P.40#1,3,4,5

Science Circles.  

You're invited to our MSVU Science Circles on Wednesday, November 29, 2017

What is Science Circles?
It is an evening of hands-on science exploration! Students in grade 9-12 are welcome to attend (teachers do not need to attend, but are welcome to the events)
What: The Chemistry of Food
When: Wednesday, Nov 29 6pm-8pm 
Where: MSVU Evaristus  Hall Rm 131 

Why: This Science Circle will explore the chemistry in our foods. Our foods are full of very interesting chemicals that give food unique and tasty properties. In this session we will be in the chemistry lab exploring answers to these questions: What gives M&Ms their bright colours? What is in the milk we drink? What happens to the enzymes in our food after cooking? What is the difference between ‘natural’ and ‘artificial’ juice?
Free Pizza Supper Provided!
Please RSVP to
sciencecircles@msvu.ca by March 22 
Space is Limited!

Visit www.msvu.ca/ScienceCircles for a list of upcoming events or see the attached poster.
Thank-you to NSERC PromoScience and MSVU for their support of this initiative.


Nov 3 all Complete Population Growth by Binary Fission sheet to be handed in Monday.
Oct 18 all Mitosis Test Next Wednesday  October 25 What's on the Test and Review . Cell Cycle worksheet that you may wish to use to help you review.
Oct 11 all Complete Mitosis Sheet 1 using text book found in Google Classroom and Mitosis Sheet 2
  all Check it Out!  The Double Helix: A Personal Account of the Discovery of the Structure of DNA 
Sept 25.27 all Cell Division and DNA replication work done on these days. No work to be passed in yet.
Sept 22 all Acetabularia Work...Who's in Charge nucleus work. Complete classwork and pass in Monday
Sept. 20 all Complete Worksheet on Cell Organelle function. Draw labeled plant cell and an animal cell in "The Cell at Work" box at the bottom of the page. Due Friday
Sept. 18 all Complete Cell Theory Timeline work to be passed in Wednesday
Sept 11 all Complete the "Who Am I" sheet to be passed in Monday
  all Grade 9 Course Outline

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