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Date Class Assignment
    Bring your textbook to the exam to be handed in please. Thank you.
June 5 all See Google Classroom to access Space Workbook #1 and #2. Students not attending the class trip are expected to work on these assignments while we are away.
  all Final Exam Review  Click on the red Review
May 31 all Complete first group of Balancing Chemical Equation Sheets...the stapled sheets called Balancing Chemical Equations Challenge. Due Monday.
May 8 all Chemical Changes question sheet. Will have the book up on Google Classroom ASA I get home.
Apr 10 all Unit test on Wednesday April 12.
Review Answers Pg. 378.    8) See pg 354 for diagram    9) 2 Pathways   10) Will go out, as current cannot flow through  11) A) Parallel B) Series  17) See pg 340 & 360 for diagram
Apr 7 all Unit test on Wednesday April 12 Review and review
Apr 3 all Dimming the Lights Lab Part 2 Parallel Circuits complete parallel circuit questions for Wednesday
Mar 28 all Dimming the Lights Lab Part 1 Series Circuits complete series circuit questions for Monday
Mar 26 all 10-C Potential Differnce and Current for a Resistor Lab..complete the lab for Friday
Mar 28 all P. 341 #1-8 Complete this work from lab 10C Potential Difference and Current for a Resistor
Jan 25 all Grade 9 test Static Electricity on Monday Feb 30 What's On the Test, Static Electricity Test Notes, Electroscope Diagrams from Lab,
Jan 23 all Welcome back from WTR. Please see the information attached for a wonderful opportunity in science for you. It is at MSVU on Feb 8...I will likely attend also.

Make sure Investigation 9B Charge Detective is completed...all diagrams plus Analyze #1-3, Conclude and Apply #4, Extend your Knowledge #5-11...this was last week's homework.

Do Not Touch p. 311 Do 'What Did you Observe' for that lab.

Dec 2 all meiosis test on Monday Dec. 19.  Meiosis Review Sheet
Nov 25 all Asexual Reproduction Sheets due. Graphing of Genetic Human Characteristics due Monday Nov 28. If you are missing data you can use this data.
Nov 21 all Asexual Reproduction Sheets due Friday. Also Asexual Reproduction assignment in your Google Classroom is due by Monday Nov 28 at the latest.
Nov 9 all Complete Strep Throat "Population Growth by Binary Fission" Sheet for Wednesday Nov 16 (your next class)
    Chapter 1 textbook is in your Google Classroom
Nov 4 all Test Nov 7. Replication sheet due Nov 9
Oct 26 all Study see review sheet below
Oct. 25 all Mitosis Review Sheet  The test will be next week Friday.
Oct 19 all Complete the Microscope assignment. If you don't have the drawings complete you can look up the phase you are missing with an image search on Google...e.g. whitefish metaphase and draw the image in your diagram sheet. Don't forget to label the diagram as indicated on your lab page and also answer observation questions 1-6 and Conclusion.
Sept. 28 all Complete Who's the Instructor Sheet. If you left the sheet at school you can draw the 3 experiments and answer the Interpret the Results questions beneath the Experiment. Also answer p. 16 #2-5. Due Monday.
Sept. 19 all Complete Worksheet on Cell Organelle function. Draw labeled plant cell and an animal cell in "The Cell at Work" box at the bottom of the page. Due Wednesday
  all Grade 9 Course Outline

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