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Date Class Assignment
June 5 all Soil Formation Worksheet due Wednesday...complete the work started today in class.
May 31 all Pop-up Book Project Due June 14 (unless you are leaving school early and then it is due by your last day before June 14). You will be given 2 more classes to research your topic and research how to make the 'pop-ups' and other features that you will use in your book.
May 17 all Moose River Mine Disaster 
May 12 all Project due May 17
May 8          all Project: Pokemon card for your birthstone

Some possible online resources to try for Mineral information:  The Mineral and Gemstone Kingdom,  Minerals by Name, Mineral Gallery - the gemstones About Birthstones

FAQ:  What does hardness and weakness on Pokemon cards mean????

The Hardness (where Resistance normally goes) and Weakness are things on a Pokemon card...for a mineral gemstone the hardness is determined by the Mohs Hardness Scale and not traditional Pokemon hardness...that Mohs scale result will be online, I put some links above for minerals, the first one is especially informative.  The weakness on the Pokemon card is determined according to how much damage it takes in a battle from a different type of pokemon (I'm going by what my son tells me).  If you stick to a mineral theme the gem would be weak compared to a gemstone with a higher number on the Mohs scale and you can find other things that can affect it in the Mineral and Gemstone Kingdom site above, for instance Amethyst dissolves in hydrofluoric acid OR to stick to Pokemon theme some of the students were talking about this being a 'rock type pokemon' and were naming the things that it is weak to such as water type pokemon and grass type pokemon, you'll have to look it up to see what it is weak to...my son found it in seconds.  He searched 'pokemon type chart'.

What does Stage on Pokemon cards mean???

Each Pokemon has a stage number...like a level. You would see Stage 1, Stage 2, or Stage 3...it has to do with evolution of the Pokemon, changes in it. So let's say your gemstone is Amethyst. It is in the quartz group. Quartz without extra chemicals is white, but Amethyst is purple because of specific chemicals mixing with the quartz when it was forming. Because it isn't just white quartz you can say it evolved...so it would be Stage 2. If the Amethyst sits in bright light for a long time it get paler in colour, changes again...you might say a pale amethyst is Stage 3.  The mineral can evolve or change over time.

What does HP on Pokemon cards mean???

HP Stands for Hit Points on a Pokemon, it tells you how much damage it can take before it is knocked out. Put your Mineral's Tenacity there.

What about description on Pokemon???

Description on a Pokemon card tells about the Pokemon in different ways...you can just write a little bit about your mineral here, like putting some of the interesting facts you have here.

Where do I put things on the card???

It seems you don't really have a lot of experience with Pokemon cards, so you can see examples and see where things are placed on the card at Pokemon Trading Card Game website,
on page 5 of this site it shows enlarged cards and where to place all the information. You can also look up pokemon card template if you want to a google search.


Apr 21 all Heat Unit Quiz...Practice Review p. 126 #3, 4, 10, 12, 15, 23 AND explain the 3 steps of the Water Cycle. answers to review questions
Apr 10 all Heat Transfer Worksheet due Wednesday April 12th
Apr 3 all P. 93 #Understanding Concepts #1, 2, 4 and Draw a diagram of the water cycle instead of #3 in the text book.
Mar 29 all Water Cycle p. 101 1, 2, 4, 5 also graphs will be collected on Friday from Mar 27 homework.
Mar 27 all Ice to Steam Lab. p87 Analysis #1 a-f and Making Connections #1 and #3 due Wednesday Mar 29. Also if your graph is incomplete please finish that as well for Wednesday.
    Pure Substances and Mixtures Definitions
Nov 25 all Complete Google Sketch-Up primary succession illustrations and pass in by Monday Nov 28
Nov 9 all Case Study: Succession pp 296-299. Read through the case study and answer questions a-r that you will find scattered throughout the reading. Due Wednesday Nov 16.
Oct 26 all Use your photocopied pp18-19, Read "Who Eats Whom?" Examine the food chain shown by the pictures on p 18 (put arrows to show the direction of energy flow from one organism to the next in that food chain). REad p 19 which show the chain. Answer questions 1-5 about that chain. Look at the picture at the bottom of the page (bird/cat) and construct a food chain for that picture. Remember  that food chains always begin with a producer.

Quiz next Friday (Nov 4)

Oct 21 702 Complete Ecosystem Notes...write a definition for each term and  Complete the Food Chain worksheet...circle the correct word for which organism would be next in the food chain.
Oct 19 701 Complete Ecosystem Notes...write a definition for each term and  Complete the Food Chain worksheet...circle the correct word for which organism would be next in the food chain.
Oct 14 all Complete all of the peppered moth questions for those of you not yet finished.

Complete p. 263 #1 and #5

1. Explain in your own words why decomposers are important in an ecosystem.

5. Why would dumping garbage in the ocean not be a good solution for overcrowded landfill sites?


Oct. 12 all Make sure your graph for the peppered Moth page is complete. Will have 10 minutes in class on Friday to do the questions.
Oct 4 702


Colour your moth so that it is camouflaged in these tree trunk and branches which are brown and have a lot of green moss on them (click for picture). Due Wed

You can colour your moth using the tree trunk 702 is using, or you can camouflage your moth to hide in a different picture. Please send a link to the picture or bring it in to show me. Due Wed

Sept 28 all from pp258-259 read both pages p 259 #1 and #3 for Monday
Sept 21 all In your Google Classroom you will find an article about Polar Bear Migration. Please read the article and answer the 3 questions at the end of the article. Please pass these in through Google Classroom (share your doc with Ann Jessome in the search name area). Due Friday Sept 23
Sept 19 all Questions #1-4 from 5.1 Bear Necessities.  Due Wednesday
  all Course Outline

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