What is on the test?

Chapter 10 








        Thinner wire yields greater resistance, thicker wire yields less resistance

        The resistance changes according to the material that the conducting wire is made from...copper offers less resistance than nickel-silver wire.  Copper is a better conductor of current electricity.

        Temperature of wire affects resistance.  Hot conducting wire offers greater resistance; cool conducting     wire offers less resistance.

Chapter 11

Dimming the Lights...series vs parallel circuits. 

Series Circuits...one pathway for all electrons to flow on; As resistance increases the current decreases; all lights on the circuit are the same brightness as each other

Parallel circuit...more than one pathway for the electrons to flow in will increase the current in the common part of the pathway, each pathway will have current dependent upon the resistance in that pathway.

How Bright Are You? questions which look at how bright bulbs are in series and parallel circuits...know how to determine standard, less than standard and more than standard brightness.