Static Test 


What is on the test?

bulletThe study of static electricity is called Electrostatics.
bulletStick to the wall activity on p. 295.  You have a sheet for this.  Review the differences in the properties between the things which were attracted and moved toward the balloon and the things that the balloon could not move.
bulletCharge It lab p. 298-299.  This lab shows how charged items and neutral items interact and how charged items react to other charged items.
bulletThe law of attraction and repulsion.  Use Charge It lab and read p. 301.
bulletElectroscope...lab p304.  What is happening to charges in each case.  Review answers to Analyze, Conclude and Apply, and Extend Your Knowledge.  Know what terms charged by induction and charged by contact mean.
bulletGrounding static electricity  review your notes on activity Do Not Touch p. 311
bulletTriboelectric Series  Know how to use this to tell the charge each material will get when in contact with a different material.
bulletReview all notes, labs and questions you answered for this topic to be completely prepared.