Definitions - Pure Substances and Mixtures

These are the current definitions that you should be studying.  Updated December 6th.




Anything that takes up space, has mass, and is made up of particles.

Pure Substance

A material that is composed of only one type of particle; examples of a pure substance include gold, oxygen and water.


A material made up of at least two different pure substances.

Mechanical Mixture

A mixture in which each material maintains its own properties.


A mixture in which the distinct properties of the different substances are combined into one set of properties.


A mixture where the components that make up the mixture are uniformly distributed throughout the mixture. The composition of the mixture is the same throughout. There is only one phase of matter observed in a homogeneous mixture..


A mixture in which has different components. It is made up of parts that retain their own properties, even if these properties are not visible to the unaided eye. You may need magnification to see the different parts.


A substance that can be dissolved in a solvent; for example, salt is a solute that dissolves in water.


A substance into which a solute may be dissolved; for example, water is a solvent that dissolves sugar.