Mathematics 11                                                    Halifax West High School

September 2016 Ė January 2017



Mathematics 11 is an academic high school mathematics course. Students selecting Mathematics 11 should have a solid understanding of the Mathematics 10 curriculum. Mathematics 11 is a prerequisite for Pre-calculus 11 and also for Mathematics 12. These courses are to be taken consecutively, not concurrently.

Topics of study include: applications of rates, scale diagrams and factors, inductive and deductive reasoning, an introduction to proof, cosine law, sine law, spatial reasoning, statistics, systems of linear inequalities, and quadratic functions.


Prerequisite: successful completion of Mathematics 10


Logical Reasoning (10%):   Inductive and Deductive Reasoning

Geometry (30%):   Properties and Angles of Triangles, Acute Triangle Trigonometry, Oblique Triangle Trigonometry

Statistics (20%):   Statistical Reasoning

Relations and Functions (30%):   Systems of Linear Inequalities, Quadratic Functions and Equations

Measurement (10%):   Proportional Reasoning



loose leaf, graph paper, course binder, pencils and eraser, ruler, scientific or graphing calculator



Foundations of Mathematics 11 (Nelson)   text  (password MA11)



Exam:  The final exam will be based on the entire semester and is worth 25% of the final grade. There are no exemptions permitted for Mathematics 11.

Tests:  Tests are major assessments and will be announced several days in advance. Expect one or two tests per unit. Tests may be cumulative throughout the year.

Quizzes:  Quizzes provide opportunities to formally assess ongoing progress and give indications as to whether extra help is needed. Quizzes are generally short and will be announced in advance.

Assignments:  Assignments may be in-class or take-home, individual or group effort, as indicated by your teacher. Students can use their notes/texts to complete these informal assessments. For take-home assignments, submissions will not be accepted after the corrected assignments have been handed back to students.

Homework Probes:   Homework probes are unannounced short informal assessments based on recent work.

Notes will be permitted for some homework probes but not for all. Students must be sure to keep up with their work on a daily basis and come in for extra help when needed.


Note:   Marks throughout the semester will adhere to these proportions:

Tests and Quizzes 50%

Assignments and Homework Probes 50%

** Absence from an assessment will require a written excuse from a parent or guardian within three days. Failure to do so will result in a mark of zero for that assessment. You will be expected to make up missed tests upon your return to class.


If you are absent from class, it is your responsibility to catch up on any missed work. Check the class website, ask classmates for notes, and see your teacher to get any handouts. Any assignments due during your absence will be due at the beginning of class on the day you return (provided a note excusing your absence has been presented to your teacher).

Graphing calculators will be provided for use during class and on tests. You should have access to a calculator at home for homework completion. You can use your own approved calculator in class and on assessments if you choose.


Donít hesitate to ask questions when you need help. See your teacher to arrange extra help or use the Math Extra Help