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Many Atlantic-area universities have found that incoming students are not uniformly well-prepared for calculus. Many students are very well prepared, and ready to start the usual calculus curriculum; but some are not. As a result, placement tests are common, and at some universities, if you do not pass the placement test, you will be required to take a remedial course covering important material from the high school curriculum before you can take calculus. The following is a link to take you to a site where you can access information about the test and obtain a study guide for the test.

"Preparing for University Calculus"

Course Outlines


Math 10 DP Course Outline

Math 11 Course Outline

Math 12 Course Outline

Calculus Course Outline

PreCal 12 Course Outline

IB SL Course Outline

 Math Dictionary

New NS Math Curriculum Support
from WNCP Alignment

Math 10

Math 30/PreCal 12

Helpful Links

Trigonometry Sites

An Introduction to Trigonometry

Dave's Short Course in Trigonometry

Trigonometry - maths online Gallery

Trigonometry Formulas

The following sites will help with many types of graphs
Function Institute

PowerPoint Support

Intro to Quadratics -Thomas Ledvorowski
Rules of Exponents -Terri Kody
Inverse Functions -Thomas Ledvorowski
TI-Navigator Demo -Todd Adams

The following sites are good for Trigonometry, Algebra, Matrices, and Calculus

S.O.S. Mathematics 
Visual Calculus
Tutorials for the Calculus Phobe
An Approach to Calculus
Kahn Academy (videos of most math topics)
Wolfram Alpha

Math Video Project

The following is a link to the Billings Montana Math Video Project. There are many video lessons in Algebra, PreAlgebra and Geometry.

Billings Montana Math Video Project

PreCalculus Reference

Cubic Functions and Roots
Quartic Functions and Roots
Vertical Asyptotes
Horizontal Asyptotes
Oblique Asymptotes
Graphing Rational Functions
Graphing Rationals
Solving Rational Equations
Piecewise Functions
Natural Exponents
Complex Numbers Introduction
Complex Numbers Basic Operations
Complex Numbers and Graphing
Polar Graph Template

The following Powerpoints are by Lisa Waihman, Dulles High School, Texas

Exponential Functions
Logarithmic Functions
Rational Functions
Radical Functions
Polar Graphing


NS Curriculum Guides for Math: click here

NS Dept. of Education Blackline Masters






TI 83 Directions Posters

Table of Data
Sort Data
Box and Whisker
Scatter Plot
Mean Median
Decimal to Fraction
Create a Matrix
Graph Linear Equation
Graph Linear Inequality
Linear Regression

Just print the pages and put up in your class.


The following site will allow you to practice math using Manipulatives

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives


The following is a link to a page of graphics that you can copy and paste into your documents.

Math Graphics

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