Copying a Web Site to a Local Computer


Many people have been requesting information on how to save their web folder information to a hard drive, please review the following information



1.           Start FrontPage.

2.           On the File menu, click Open Web to open the web you want to copy to the local hard disk.

3.           On the File menu, click Publish Web.

4.           In the Publish Destination dialog box, choose either of the following options:

          In the Enter publish destination box, type the path to the local folder where you want to copy the Web. Use the following syntax


where DriveLetter is the physical hard disk drive letter and FolderName in the name of the folder on your hard disk.

          Click Browse to locate and select the folder you want.

NOTE: If you published this Web site previously, the Publish Destination dialog box does not appear. Proceed to step 5.

5.           Click OK.

6.           Choose the pages you want to publish.

a.       In the Publish Web dialog box, click Options.

b.       Click the Publish tab.

c.       In the General section, select the Publish and Changes options you want.

d.       If you want to create a log file for changes made during publishing, click to select the Log changes during publish check box.

e.       Click OK.

7.           To publish a subweb, click to select the Include subwebs check box.

8.           Click Publish.